The Amethyst Dragon Series

The 2nd amazing book series by D.C. Grace, introducing the
Dragon Fae to all fantasy genre afficionados!


This section is currently under construction, but we will constantly add more info as they become available!

NOTE: The actor/model photos you see here are the not in any way attached to the series. They are simply who D.C. Grace imagines they would look like when she pictures her characters.

Dade Blue-Therror

 Illustration: James Vallesteros

Name: Dade Blue-Therror (The Amethyst Dragon)

Type: Dragon Fae

Description: Dade is 17 years old, or 202 seasons in Avalon terms. He is the son of Vendigo Blue and grandson to Queen Mab, which makes him the Prince of the Seelie Court. Caelio (Leo for short), the Sunrise Dragon is his best friend and Shelby Mercy is his Chuisle.

Dade is described as tall and handsome with blue/black hair and amethyst eyes. He is romantic, protective, believes in chivalry, loves 70's music (in particular, the Bay City Rollers), and does not eat red meat..

Shelby Mercy

Name: Shelby Morgan Mercy


Type: Human

Description: Shelby is the daughter of Bill and Marilyn Mercy, the great-granddaughter of Morgan Le Fay, and Dade Blue-Therror’s Chuisle*. Shelby looks just like Morgan, with fiery red hair and bright green eyes. She has lived in Shelbyville, Kentucky all of her life. Shelby is a strong and loving girl.

*Chuisle means heart, pulse, or love. Basically a Chuisle is a soul mate. 



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Caelio (Leo)

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Vendigo Blue

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Marshall Townes

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