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Cast Members Officially Revealed for the Pixie Dust Book Short!

Posted by Rainbow Faery on May 31, 2012 at 10:40 PM

We're happy to announce this list of the officially cast actors for the "Pixie Dust" Book Short! We will post more information on the Book Short as more news comes in!

Dade Blue-Therror     Gannon Broughton

Shelby Mercy                Tara Bianco

Tryamon Blue               Jessie Johnson

Raedself Blue               Josh Hurley

Marshall Townes         Christifer Minter

Caelio                             Landon Olhm

Palamonge                   --

Queen Mab                   Cathy O.

Morgan Le Fay              Gracie D.

Vendigo                          --

Tarcoff                            --

Vespo                             --

Raisie                           Sharon Oliphant

Mr. Mercy                        --

Mrs. Mercy                      --

Barinthus                       --

Oren                              Juwan Lakota

Eitri                                  --

Wood Nymph                --

Darcy                             Stefanie Glyn Crane

Minnie Bowles             Henson Milam

Izzy Jones                     Anna-Sophie Keller

Diane                            Rachel

Cotsy Dulane              Alicia Marie


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