The Amethyst Dragon Series

The 2nd amazing book series by D.C. Grace, introducing the
Dragon Fae to all fantasy genre afficionados!

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Dragon Wings - Paperback


The paperback version of Dragon Wings, the first book of the Amethyst Dragon Series, is now available for pre-order! If you order your copy before Feb.12, 2012, you will get an autographed copy!

Personalized Message: If you woud like author D.C. Grace to write a specific message in the book, please send it via e-mail to [email protected]

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  • "This is SUCH a great book! I couldn't stop reading, every time I thought I'd go to bed I had to read a little more but you can never get enough of Dade! Wow! I have the kindle v..."
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  • "There is as much drama and action as there is romance, and that?s saying a lot as there is a lot of romance in this novel. Enough to make you swoon over and over again. So if y..."
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    A Fantastic Book in the New Adult Genre!