The Amethyst Dragon Series

The 2nd amazing book series by D.C. Grace, introducing the
Dragon Fae to all fantasy genre afficionados!

Dragon Shoppe

Welcome to the Dragon Shoppe! Oh, watch out for flying faeries - they run the shop and are working hard to keep the shop tidy and comfortable for all our customers!

The Dragon Shoppe is your one-stop shop for all things related to the Amethyst Dragon Series! So come one in and shop to your heart's content!

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  • "This is SUCH a great book! I couldn't stop reading, every time I thought I'd go to bed I had to read a little more but you can never get enough of Dade! Wow! I have the kindle v..."
    Dragon Lover
  • "There is as much drama and action as there is romance, and that?s saying a lot as there is a lot of romance in this novel. Enough to make you swoon over and over again. So if y..."
    Fictional Distracyion Review
    A Fantastic Book in the New Adult Genre!